NEW!!! A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island 2: The Grand Adventure 

Welcome back to Mackinac Island, home of our favorite Mouse family. Join Father Mouse, Mother Mouse, Max and the twins as they take a break from work for a summer vacation at the historic Grand Hotel. In all of its splendor, Grand Hotel provides a backdrop that guarantees many twists and turns as our little Mouse family navigates their way in a BIG world.

Where will they sleep?  What mischief will Max get into this time? Will the amazing hotel staff be able to provide lifelong memories for a family of mice?

With vibrant illustrations that bring this "Squeak-quel" to life, A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island II promises to be a GRAND addition to any child's library.

Maggie & Summer 🐭

The Mackinac Mouse Family 

In a busy world of bright lights, buttons, and loud noise, the Mouse Family is the perfect companion to our book, A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island. 

The entire family of mice are handmade from the highest quality felt by a toy maker in Dublin, Ireland. With attention to detail in every way, the mouse family’s personalities are stitched in right down to mother's pearls and father's wire-framed glasses.

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A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island

On a warm summer day in Northern Michigan, a family of mice find their way to Mackinac Island, “the jewel of the Great Lakes,” to start a new life. Enter a world of whimsy in A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island.

Join the family--Father Mouse, a lover of cheese; Mother Mouse, a singer of lullabies; Max Mouse, a collector of stamps; and Millie and Maizy Mouse, sweet little babies--as they search for the perfect home. What adventures will they have? Where will they live? What dangers will they encounter? With vibrant illustrations and a charming story, A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island will capture both your heart and imagination.

Maggie & Summer 🐭

About the Author

Summer Porter grew up in Southern Michigan but her favorite moments were spent on Mackinac Island visiting her family. Summer was an elementary school teacher for over 25 years and it should not be a surprise her favorite subject to teach was creative writing. Her passion for writing has led to 3 published magazine articles and multiple poems and short stories for family and friends. Summer also dabbles in art, golf, and searching for adventures in Michigan, Colorado and Arizona. Summer had the pleasure of working with her talented niece, Maggie Chambers, on this book. This is Summer’s first published children’s book, but it will not be her last!

About the Illustrator 

Maggie Chambers grew up drawing, painting, and creating on Mackinac Island. After graduating from Mackinac Island Public School, she studied graphic design and new media at Alma College, and earned her BFA in 2015. Since then, Maggie has lived and worked in Washington, DC as a multidisciplinary designer and visual artist. She spends her summers on Mackinac Island, which remains a significant source of inspiration for her art and a place that keeps her inner child alive and well. This is Maggie’s first illustrated children’s book. For more of Maggie’s work and information visit her website at

"Maggie Chambers and Summer Porter have created a fun and colorful adventure that all readers will enjoy —and like a bite of island fudge, A Mouse Tail on Mackinac will prove very satisfying!"

Jim Bolone, co-author, THE DOCKPORTER

"This charming children's book captures the essence of Mackinac Island. A classic 'tail' for people of all ages that will spark a sense of wonder for years to come."

Mayor Margaret Doud, city of Mackinac Island.

"Magnifying the little things in life, A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island is a charming story told with an educational twist. Heartwarming characters, a unique setting and glorious imagery will make this book a family favorite and Mackinac Island staple."

 Kate Dupre, local artist and proprietor, Watercolor Cafe